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Richard Fergie / February 25, 2011
On Tuesday I was at SES London. I was also at SES for a day last year and I thought that this year was much better in terms of the quality of the presentations and speakers. Hats off to the organising team for making these improvements. [...]
Richard Fergie / January 25, 2011
I recently read an AdWords Remarketing tips post which made me think of a few ways to improve your AdWords Remarketing campaigns by introducing a delay between when a person visits your site and when you start showing adverts to them. [...]
Richard Fergie / December 7, 2010
Last year I made 10 predictions for PPC in 2010. I got a few of the more obvious things right, and few things wrong and I completely failed to predict some quite important changes. Here's how I did: [...]
Richard Fergie / November 22, 2010
Rasmus Himmelstrup (@rasmusgi) tweeted a link to a post on Web Analytics Island about how to track the Google Site Preview bot in SiteCatalyst. The tracking relies on the face that Google site preview shows a rendered image of the page so it must execute any javascript on the page. If Google are executing the Site Catalyst code then maybe they are also running the Google Analytics code. I want to [...]
Richard Fergie / September 14, 2010
Everyone is talking about Google Instant; the new way for Google to display results. [...]
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