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Sam Hall / October 2, 2014
One of the central focuses of many companies is getting your brand name out there and boosting brand awareness. This comes in many and varied forms, from blog posts, to expert guides, to social media statuses. However, in the flurry to create and publish more and more brand content, it has felt at times that businesses are pushing quantity over quality and, as a result, are forgetting some of the basics of brand communications. [...]
Sam Hall / August 26, 2014
Content, content, content – it’s all anyone in SEO seems to talk about. We’re not just a company, we’re a digital publisher! Content is King! Long live content! I’m a content specialist and even I’m getting sick of it. [...]
Sam Hall / July 15, 2014
In our ever-changing online world, it can seem like an SEO’s life is a never-ending attempt to keep up with algorithm changes. Constant fixes, undoing of old work performed by previous agencies, and trying to predict what the next shift will bring. It can be exhausting and even appear futile. [...]
Sam Hall / June 10, 2014
I was sitting staring at my computer trying to decide what my next post should be about, when I got a notification from LinkedIn - “X Congratulated you on your work anniversary!” Work anniversary? Then I realised, I’ve been working at WHITE for two years now and, subsequently, have spent two years in the world of SEO. So, I thought this post would be a great opportunity to have a look back on what’s happened to SEO during the last two years, what I’ve learnt along the way, and what advice I can give to new SEOs. [...]
Sam Hall / April 28, 2014
Content has always been at the core of search; Google’s purpose is to serve users with websites that can provide them with the information they are looking for. With this in mind, ensuring you have helpful, relevant content on your website is essential to both good rankings and positive user experience. [...]