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  • Auto Discovery RSS meta tag

    The latest web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari) now automatically display an RSS subscribe button for website’s with RSS feeds. In order to get this button to appear you need to add an auto discovery RSS meta tag to your HTML, as below.

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”SEO Blog (RSS 2.0)” href=”http://www.kevingibbons.co.uk/blog/rss.xml” />


    8 Responses to “Auto Discovery RSS meta tag”

    1. [...] etc. auch im RSS-Format. Platzieren Sie das RSS-Icon in ihrem Haupttemplate, binden das RSS Meta-Tag ein und schon haben Sie einen zusätzlichen Online-Marketing Kanal mit CRM-Nutzen. Tragen Sie den [...]

    2. Dejan says:

      Just what i was looking for :) thanks man

    3. nice man,thank you!

    4. Great! So IE is supports the RSS AutoDiscovery feature now. Ain’t this a copyrighted feature of Firefox? Well, it’s a good thing anyway…

    5. Great… just what I was looking for.

      Many thanks :-).

    6. Geo says:

      Isn’t there a standard file name for rss? Like index.rss or something so it would work without metatag?

    7. [...] and it’s simple enough to create an HTML page to redirect to the correct location (and to add information for browsers to recognise the RSS location): <html> <head>   <title>@MarkWilsonIT on Twitter</title> [...]

    8. Njackson says:

      5 years on and this content is still relevant!

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