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  • Blackhat Techniques Which Shouldn't Work in Google But Still Do

    Update: This post has been removed because we have been politely asked to delete references to any examples being displayed.


    11 Responses to “Blackhat Techniques Which Shouldn't Work in Google But Still Do”

    1. Google Tutor says:

      nice piece kevin, but i think you are missing quite a lot of BH techniques that still work in google. unfortunately!

    2. I think all BH techniques are still working (if you know what you are doing and got some knowledge). Not talking about something like cloaking with no bot ips or so :)

    3. Chris Regan says:


      Awesome piece, and those two sites are exact examples of lame BH tricks — funny, laughable, but they obviously work. Let me echo the comment of ‘Favorite Browser’ — yes, even massive keyword density, complete gibberish, is being used *and* works in SERPs. Follow my conscience or follow my…?

    4. Brent W says:

      Don’t forget scraping. I recently found a website that had the entire DMOZ directory mirrored on it. They took top spot on the serps for about a week until they were reported. Seems the Google algo can’t even catch this type of blatant ruse.

    5. PPCblogger says:

      Hello mate, Good spot on the Legalmove site.

      The concerning thing is one of my clients is using these guys for their SEO.

      Think we might need to have a chat.

    6. Very interesting.

      I feel a bit depressed that these things are still working though.

    7. Dudibob says:

      You would of thought Google would have a simple filter for >:(

    8. Marc says:

      It’s not so much a question of whether these tactics work…For the examples you gave, these onpage tricks aren’t enough to get those rankings. I think it’s more of why has Google allowed them to rank in spite of the onpage garbage.

    9. Internet Marketing says:

      Lol, I liked the logo websites use of the css. So silly and funny.

    10. Yesha says:

      Very funny! didnt get to read the article..

    11. SEO Canada says:

      D’oh I missed the post. If you want to see some black hat link bomb tactics in action Google the phrase Wow Power Leveling and do some back link analysis ;)

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