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  • Blogger noindex meta tag problem fixed

    I posted last week about the Blogger <$BlogMetaData$> tag including a noindex meta tag, Adam Lasnik of Google has now confirmed on my original post that this should be fixed.

    “Just chatted with the Blogger team, and looks like things should be working normally now. :)”

    I’ve just tested this by adding the <$BlogMetaData$> back into my Blogger template and there’s no sign of a noindex/nofollow meta tag this time.


    9 Responses to “Blogger noindex meta tag problem fixed”

    1. TBTAM says:

      Doesn’t seem to be fixed for me – I”m still noindex, nofollow.

      I am a bit of a neophyte compared to you guys, so although I have figured out that a meta tag analyzer will tell me what is in my source code, I have no idea how to change it to get around this problem.

      Any info you can point me to?

      Thanks, by the way, for this info about the metatag problem. I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy against my blog….

    2. Kev says:

      Hi tbtam,

      Did you try republishing the blog while using the < $BlogMetaData$> tag?

    3. Morris Rosenthal says:

      Can you drop Adam a note and ask him if the search folks and Blogger folks can get together and reindex the blogs they dropped. My blog has been out of Google for ten days now, even though I got desperate and uploaded a sitemap last week saying to update every day. They used to do that automatically.

    4. Kev says:

      Hi Morris,

      I would recommend republishing your template (or create a new post) and then viewing the source code of your blog’s homepage. If the noindex meta tag has disappeared Google will reindex this once they crawl your site again.

    5. SAM RENSEIW says:

      now out of google index for 14 days since changing to new blogger. have tried to look on the metatag , but not sure what the exact steps to take are if the tag is still there.

    6. The Digital Nomad says:

      Checked mine, too. Everything looks OK.

    7. all my blogs are gone from the google index, but i dont see this code everyone’s talking about anywhere in my site, this seems like some kind of scam.

    8. myspace clone says:

      this is great, but what about HOW TO GET THE BLOGS BACK???????????????????????????????????

      i’ve published two new blogs on blogger/blogspot and neither have been indexed…

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