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  • Blogger.com not publishing any posts or comments!

    Over the last few days I’ve noticed that any blog comments which I’ve approved have not been published succesfully.

    I posted a topic about this on the Blogger Google Groups yesterday and when checking the publishing trouble group today I’ve noticed a lot of people have the same problem but even worse they can’t publish posts!

    Here’s one example:
    “For the past two days, whenever I write a post, only the post title
    publishes. Everything else disappears. This is true in both my blogs.
    When I go back to “Edit Posts,” the text has vanished into
    nothingness. It will also not save. Anyone got some insight into this

    There doesn’t seem to be any feedback from Google about this so far and I’m not sure if it’s affecting everyone, I assume it’s not, but it would be great if anyone has some more information about this. Especially as I don’t expect this post to publish so I’ll have to edit and upload the files manually!


    6 Responses to “Blogger.com not publishing any posts or comments!”

    1. Kalena Jordan says:

      Not sure if your problem is related but if you’ve got AdSense code on your blog and are having trouble publishing posts or comments, it can’t hurt to try this fix: http://bloggerstatusforreal.blogspot.com/search/label/bX-r1buvw
      Worked for me!

    2. Matt Cutts says:

      I asked the Blogger team about it and they were looking into it; it sounds like this is a pretty rare things, but they’re still investigating.

    3. Kev says:

      Thanks Matt, I think this is quite rare, I’ve managed to fix this now but I’m not sure what stopped it from working.

    4. cDVDs.co.uk says:

      In order to manage spam posts on my blogs I have set up email approval, but this means that I get an email when the user posts and then again when the post is approved, but such emails find themselves in my junk folder or lost in my inbox… so posts get lost also… :(

      Glad you have sorted it out, and thanks for the heads up.

    5. Ginene says:

      I am having the same problem. I tried to edit some misspellings on my post and created a new post and it is not showing as updated.

    6. isculpt says:

      Have you figured this out yet? I noticed that my blog that resides on my server will not post. The other two I have that don’t reside there will. I checked the ftp settings they seem to be fine. I’d like to know if anyone else has figured things out.

      I must say that each time I publish the blogger says, “published” but nothing is there.

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