Blogging for the silent majority -

Blogging for the silent majority

Blogging for the silent majority


By Stuart Tofts / April 23, 2008

Thanks to the value of the inbound link, the internet has become a massive information resource. Industry figures are actually competing to share their opinion, to offer up their expertise for free as they claw their way to higher rankings.

Because of this, valuable knowledge has become free – a fantastic situation for a new SEO professional or a marketer keen to grasp the basics.

Of course, those new to the sector have to be careful – there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and sites filled with nothing more than regurgitated information from other pages which is sometimes years out of date.

However, for the discerning reader – or someone using a tool such as Digg or Sphinn – the web is awash with fresh advice and information from experienced and dedicated professionals.

If you look to the right of our blog, you can see the top ten most popular articles. Although they cover a wide range of subjects and skill sets, there is a common theme. They are pieces of relevant information which has not yet dated, which are still relevant. Ten ways to achieve X, How to do Y, The Real Secret to Z.

A major part of the sector’s voracious blogging community is enthusiastically sharing interesting news and sector gossip with other professionals. They are debating and discussing the latest events and building on relationships developed at conferences and online. However, it is vital to remember that a massive amount of the online audience is simply silently searching for information and advice.

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