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  • Breaking news: Google is doing okay

    An article from the US caught my eye this week as it suggested that Google is struggling – not something the world normally hears about the rapidly rising search behemoth.

    Adam Lashinsky, writing for CNN, comments that the company still has only one way of making money – search. Although this is a “gusher” in his words (is everything in the US about oil?), it is just one source of income – the multitude of other projects it operates are not money makers.

    Furthermore, the commentator asserts that Google is haemorrhaging the bright young talent which it needs to succeed. Staff have a time allowance which lets them work on their own ideas (for which I am grateful. How else could we have been offered the Elmer Fudd Google page?).

    However, while this encourages innovation, Lashinsky suggests employees do not want someone else to own their ideas and leave to try and replicate Google’s success themselves.

    My thoughts on this are that people have been speculating about the collapse of Google for a while and so far, it seems to be doing okay. Even if the firm’s other projects are minor compared to its main operation, that “gusher” is hardly going to slow – the ability to find relevant information fast is just too vital.


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