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Tad Chef / December 1, 2008
Getting, convincing, keeping and dealing with clients is an art for itself. Whether you're a freelancer or part of a company, whether you're a SEO, web designer, programmer or writer you will encounter the same issues again and again. You might argue that everybody is different and no client matches another one. This is true. Nonetheless the situations you will go through often match. So you can prepare yourself for those recurring situations. [...]
Stuart Tofts / August 27, 2008
It is hard to underestimate the importance of fresh, keyword-rich content for search engine optimisation (SEO). [...]
Kevin Gibbons / May 19, 2008
For most bloggers writing is a hobby and crafting the next blog post is more of a labour of love than a part time job. However, over the last couple of years blogging has taken off and the number of people who describe themselves as full time “bloggers” has increased dramatically. [...]
Patrick Altoft / January 10, 2008
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