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Tad Chef / October 22, 2010
Half a year ago I compiled a huge list of CRO (conversion rate optimization) resources. I think it was a bit too much for most of you. This time I decided to make it easier for you. [...]
Tad Chef / May 20, 2010
This list is not meant for the average small business owner. These 46 CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization resources require web design, SEO and social media experts to implement, use or even understand them. [...]
Kelvin Newman / March 24, 2010
Google have announced this week at SES New York the introduction of AdWords Search Funnels. The conversion attribution problem has been heavily discussed during the last year and this led me to think of a quote which was on Twitter a while ago, (I think it was from Chris Lake - correct me if I'm wrong though): "Conversion Attribution is Like Selling Xabi Alonso & Hoping for the Same Result". [...]
Tad Chef / November 21, 2008
Many SEO practitioners still apply optimisation techniques like in 1999. Back then popular belief was that it was perfectly enough to lure Internet users to a website with whatever means it takes and then everything else would would work fine. Things like readability were far off the SEO agenda. [...]