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Richard Fergie / September 19, 2008
For those of you not in the loop, SpyFu.com is a web service that provides information on who is bidding on what keywords as well as further information on competitors’ daily ad spend as well as their average CPC. [...]
Stuart Tofts / August 18, 2008
Paid-for search advertising "dominates" online marketing, according to the Ofcom. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / April 10, 2008
The big talking point over the last week has been about Google's decision to allow trademark bidding in the UK. [...]
Kevin Gibbons / October 31, 2007
Kevin Gibbons / April 23, 2007
I meant to post this on Friday but didn't quite get round to it, anyway here's a recap of the pay-per-click advertising news I found of interest during the last week.Google AdWordsOn the Radio: more on Audio Ads - Inside AdWordsIntroducing preferred cost bidding - Inside AdWordsUsing Google Analytics with [...]