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Tamsin Mehew / June 17, 2014
AdWords Labels! They’re so useful! At least they are once you’ve got them applied. [...]
Holly Martin / June 3, 2014
First, let’s address why we should follow the premise of my bold headline statement. In PPC, the buck stops at the user. Fundamentally, the key to capturing that all-important conversion is to understand that user. To achieve this you need to place your users at the centre of your thinking, working outwards from them to achieve a user-orientated style of campaign structure and management. [...]
Tamsin Mehew / May 6, 2014
Ads are obviously important. They’re the tip of the paid search iceberg: you need the campaign structure, keywords, bidding strategies and so on to keep everything afloat, but the ads (along with extensions) are the part that people actually see. [...]
Jason Denny / May 1, 2014
If you are not already harnessing the power of Review Extensions within your Google AdWords account, then you are most definitely missing a trick. [...]
Holly Martin / April 17, 2014
People don’t generally have a favourable attitude towards ads, so it was delightful for us lovers of PPC to hear Jon Myers talk at January’s Biddable World Conference about present and future paid search trends, where he identified an upward trend in CTR. [...]
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