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Holly Martin / December 17, 2013
With 1 in 5 Google search queries now being executed on mobile devices and mobile website traffic across all industries growing at a rate of 3.5% per month (Televox), there is a huge demand for mobile optimisation. During 2014 mobile search queries will continue to increase, so working towards a mobile search strategy sooner rather than later is imperative. [...]
Holly Martin / November 20, 2013
After joining White.net in the middle of October, and completing the Ad Words certification, the underlying message I have taken away from my training and research is that understanding the psychological behaviour of search users is pivotal to creating a successful PPC campaign. I would like to present the fundamentals of PPC from a beginner’s perspective. I will highlight the areas of PPC where the behaviour of the search user is especially important. [...]
Shaad Hamid / August 14, 2013
It’s been almost five years since we wrote about this topic and we thought it was probably time for an update. The key question is, of course, “Have things really changed in the last five years”? From an AdWords features perspective, a lot indeed has. However, in terms of resources, all you really need to pass the exam is still just the AdWords Learning Centre. However, if you want to be an AdWords Exam ‘ninja’, then these additional resources may prove useful: [...]
Tamsin Mehew / July 12, 2013
Previously I’ve discussed ways to calculate your mobile bid adjustment, and how to use weighted averages to change keyword level bids to ad group level adjustments. Today it’s time to check how adding location bid adjustments will change things. [...]
Tamsin Mehew / July 11, 2013
In yesterday's post I talked about the different ways to find your mobile bid adjustments, and said that if you have keyword level adjustments you'll need to change them into ad group level adjustments. Today I'll show how to do this with weighted averages. [...]
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