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Marcus Taylor / January 11, 2012
You’ve probably heard by now that Google announced the roll out of social search yesterday, dubbed ‘Search, Plus Your World’. There has been vast speculation about Google’s motives, with the most credible of which suggesting it’s to do with… [...]
Tad Chef / December 20, 2011
Shaad Hamid / December 19, 2011
Pak Hou Cheung / December 15, 2011
Let’s get one thing straight first:  you will NOT be required to do the following in order to get free followers on Twitter using this method: [...]
Marcus Taylor / December 13, 2011
A few days ago I was looking through my mentions on Twitter and I noticed a rough correlation between the strength of relationship I have with a person and the frequency/consistency of their interaction with me. I also noticed that strength of relationship was in rough correlation to the medium(s) that I’ve communicated with them on. In other words, the followers who I’d only spoke to over e-mail or Twitter weren’t interacting with me as often as those who I’d met in real life. [...]
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