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Tad Chef / December 20, 2011
Shaad Hamid / December 19, 2011
Pak Hou Cheung / December 15, 2011
Let’s get one thing straight first:  you will NOT be required to do the following in order to get free followers on Twitter using this method: [...]
Marcus Taylor / December 13, 2011
A few days ago I was looking through my mentions on Twitter and I noticed a rough correlation between the strength of relationship I have with a person and the frequency/consistency of their interaction with me. I also noticed that strength of relationship was in rough correlation to the medium(s) that I’ve communicated with them on. In other words, the followers who I’d only spoke to over e-mail or Twitter weren’t interacting with me as often as those who I’d met in real life. [...]
Tad Chef / December 9, 2011
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