Common PPC Mistakes -

Common PPC Mistakes

Common PPC Mistakes


By Kevin Gibbons / January 6, 2007

WebProNews author Igor Mordkovich this week wrote an excellent article containing a list of 17 common PPC mistakes.

The article gives a description of each of these but here are the 17 points:
1. Bidding Broad
2. Fighting for #1 Spot
3. Avoiding Geo-targeting
4. Losing Relevance on Landing Page
5. Getting Rid of Fraud Networks
6. Being Boring
7. Using Telephone Numbers
8. Not Bidding for Your Name
9. Lack of Affiliate Control
10. Not Separating Content Match from Search Results
11. Ignoring the Seasonal Copy
12. Lack of “Exact Tracking”
13. Paying for Negative Keywords
14. Mistaking CTR with conversion rate when testing ads
15. Not Using Keywords in Ad Copy
16. Not Calling Google
17. Avoiding Brand Name Keywords

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