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    I’ve been tracking the Google AdSense clicks of Place in the Sun over the last couple of weeks using Crazy Egg. This has proved to be an excellent experiment as the user activity can be viewed simply using a heatmap to show an individual pages hot-spots. Also thanks to Hiten Shah for upgrading my account to 10,000 visits per month for free!

    The stats from Crazy Egg have shown 497 unique visits to the homepage, highlighting that the majority of users navigate to a specific country page using the drop-down list. Of the 371 page clicks 185 (49.9%) were on the drop-down list with 72 clicks on the go button, this is interesting as it shows that over half of the users do not find what they are looking for in the drop-down list so don’t click to continue or perhaps expect that choosing an item will automatically forward to the selected page without clicking go. The rest of the clicks were split fairly evenly, with 23 clicks on the Google AdSense ad block which is an average CTR of 6.2%. I now plan on making a few changes to the page and viewing how the results vary.

    Below is a screenshot of the Crazy Egg overlay layout (click the image for full-size):

    Note: This one isn’t a ReviewMe post :)


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