relaunch a very smart SEO move - relaunch a very smart SEO move relaunch a very smart SEO move


By Kevin Gibbons / August 1, 2008

Yesterday the very popular social media bookmarking website relaunched and moved to use

This was well covered across the blogosphere, with reviews looking at its improved design and enhanced speed, but in addition to this the move is also likely to boost the website’s search rankings. SEO Strengths

  • was already a very strong domain due to the website’s popularity, 301 redirecting a huge 524,803,978 backlinks will help to maintain existing rankings during the site migration.
  • is an established domain with its own history, originally registered back in 1995.
  • has a PageRank 9! I would assume this is largely because of the redirect from, however the old page is still indexed in Google so this would have been transferred across unusually quickly. The additional direct backlinks to will add further weight to strengthening the overall website. Many SEO’s will argue about the importance of Google PageRank, however few will disagree that having a PR9 domain will significantly impact rankings.
  • Possibly the most important change, from an SEO perspective, is that the site may now benefit from improved international traffic with Google UK, Australia, Germany etc more likely to favour a .com as opposed to a .us domain. I frequently see URL’s appear in the Google UK SERPs but it’s very rare that I’ve seen appear.

Large social media website’s generally don’t rely too heavily on search engine traffic, however the content covered is often news based and will generate a high amount of search interest within a short space of time. So ranking highly for these terms could make the search engines become a major source of traffic and certainly help to promote the website more heavily outside of the US where it’s popularity isn’t quite so strong.

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