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  • Does B&Q really need to buy links?

    Judging by some of the links to diy.com, the website of B&Q, there has been some buying going on. Of course we don’t know this for sure but the links look unnatural and are next to links for things like “home insurance” etc so they appear to be paid links.

    What stands out to me is the fact that whoever has been buying the links is doing it in a really stupid way. For instance they are linking to the homepage with the anchor text “wardrobes” when the homepage doesn’t have that word in the text. They do this with countless different terms all with links to the homepage instead of a category page or directly to a product.

    Aside from being a total waste of money we can’t see any reason why a site like this needs to buy links. They could rank for anything with some half decent on page optimisation.


    2 Responses to “Does B&Q really need to buy links?”

    1. This is because SEO whether onpage or offpage is not treated seriously enough by many apparently successful companies. Some of the websites I come accross are apalling and yet they belong to some really top brands. If you decide to leave SEO to some new office dogsbody then you will get what you pay for. Probably the executives don’t have a clue what is really going on

    2. Rex says:


      Do you not buy links?

      i though nearly all SEO’s bought links to some degree?

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