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Homepage turns Black for Google Earth Hour

Homepage turns Black for Google Earth Hour


By Stuart Tofts / March 29, 2008

Anyone who spends as much time on search engines as I do will have noticed that Google is sporting a black background today in an attempt to persuade people to turn off their lights for an hour tonight and cut down their household emissions.

The search engine often highlights important events such as World Aids Day but it is unusual for it to change its trademark appearance so completely even for just 24 hours.

It will be an interesting study in just how powerful Google has become if it helps motivate people to undertake such a gesture this evening. To shamelessly use someone else’s catchphrase: With great power comes great responsibility.

A recent survey conducted by Superbrands revealed that the engine is Britons’ favourite online brand, beating even the BBC – a broadcaster globally regarded for its editorial policy.

Google’s informal motto is widely known to be ‘Don’t be evil’. As its influence and importance to the modern world expands, that could become an increasingly pertinent phrase.

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