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  • Facebook SEO Groups Go Mental!

    This week everyone seems to be adding their own Facebook SEO groups, I’ve counted at least 7 new ones so far. And as if there’s not enough already I’ve added one for SEOptimise too!

    Here are the ones I’m aware of so far just from the last couple of days, if anyone spots more let me know and I’ll add them to the list:
    SEOptimiseFacebook Group
    Search Engine LandFacebook Group
    SphinnFacebook Group
    Marketing PilgrimFacebook Group
    SEO by the SeaFacebook Group
    Stuntdubl – Facebook Group
    SEO 101 – Facebook Group
    ViperchillFacebook Group

    Thanks to everyone who’s joined the SEOptimise group so far (and apologies to everyone annoyed with yet another SEO group!). I find site’s like Facebook and LinkedIn a great way of connecting with people within the search industry and also staying in touch with old friends so feel free to join the group or add me as a friend.


    3 Responses to “Facebook SEO Groups Go Mental!”

    1. Sanjay Parekh says:

      I think creating too many SEO/PPC groups will be pointless. Someone new to this field must join established groups. I have joined SEOptimise.

    2. Rhea says:

      You forgot the short lived Facebook group: Rhea Drysdale is the Coolest SEO Ever!

      It was a mock group with a logo that said “Say No To More Groups”.

    3. Rethink SEO says:

      I find the worst part of my profession is that we over saturate everything that work.

      What about starting a group for SEO that is targeted towards a specific market?

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