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  • Get more links by being a personality

    Building links is hard work but there are a few tips you can use to make it a bit easier.

    My favourite is to try and become a personality in your niche and encourage people to link to your site when they mention your name. For example if I was to speak at a conference people would probably link to me and say “Patrick Altoft” said xyz. Most e-commerce sites don’t have this advantage and they lose out because of it.

    The simple act of uploading a blog to a site and starting to network with other sites in your niche can work wonders for the amount of links you attract. As more companies start to blog they are gradually learning the correct etiquette in terms of linking to other bloggers.

    Unless a person knows you personally it is unlikely they will link to you. Take the time to write detailed about pages, use your photo online and sign up to social sites with your real name. Another tip is to start up email conversations with popular bloggers and go out and meet people in person.


    One Response to “Get more links by being a personality”

    1. Angie says:


      I am learning all about SEO and links etc.
      Its all new to me so any hints and tips is welcome!

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