Google AdWords account snapshot -

Google AdWords account snapshot

Google AdWords account snapshot


By Kevin Gibbons / November 9, 2006

Google have began displaying a beta version of account snapshot to advertisers when logging into AdWords. I first noticed this had been set as a client’s starting page today, although this is the only account where I have seen the account snapshot option so far. I can’t find any official announcement about this yet but there is a feedback form and I’ve posted a screenshot below (click image for full-size) with the pricing and click details blurred out.

Google AdWords account snapshot features:

  • Alerts and status
  • Announcements
  • Help and Tips
  • Campaign Performance

Google have also launched an AdWords diagnostic tool with magnifying glass (as noticed by Search Engine Roundtable), this is live for all accounts and quickly shows the diagnostic result by hovering over a keyword.

I’m a Google AdWords account manager for many clients and I’ve only seen one instance of this so far.

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