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  • Google AdWords click fraud

    After it was reported last week that 2005 saw over $800 million spent on fraudulent clicks Google CEO Eric Schmidt has clarified Google’s position on taking click fraud seriously. Here’s the WebProNews article about click fraud and the misunderstanding of Schmidt’s comments about “the perfect economic solution which is to let it happen”.

    The 2005 figures calculated a 14.6% of click fraud in the US search market, a recommendation I would make to stop this would be to disable your ad’s from being displayed in the content network. This is a decision which should obviously be made on the performance of your ad’s but if it’s not cost-effective to run it could be due to Google AdSense websites abusing the system and by webmasters clicking on their own adverts. Limiting your ad’s to the search network will help to ensure your ad’s are displayed to genuine users with an interest in your site.


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