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    After successfully improving many search results I have now become a Google AdWords manager for Place Sun and have now began a project to increase the websites traffic through PPC advertising.

    The A Place in the Sun website is still reasonably new and while high rankings have been obtained for many MSN travel related queries (as shown on my SEO portfolio) they have not yet been achieved by Google. The main reason for this is that Google’s algorithm highly regards the length of time a domain name has been registered and the length of time an incoming link has been active for. Given time I am confident these results will improve as they have done in MSN.

    In addition to gaining traffic from the search results I have created a Google AdWords account comprising of several campaigns to target various travel and property related keywords. During the next few days I will be monitoring click-rates and bids made for keywords compared to the extra revenue earned from affiliates and interest in properties, re-accessing the campaign to make any necessary adjustments to ensure the profit gained from the campaign outweighs the advertising cost.

    UPDATE: I have been offering my services as a Google AdWords manager since April 2006, for more information please visit the pay per click management webpage.


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