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  • Yahoo Search Marketing & Google AdWords Promotional Code

    We can now offer clients a Google AdWords promotional code worth £50 in free clicks providing you have a newly created account. The promo code can be applied to pay per click management clients through our Google AdWords qualified company client centre.

    If you would like us to apply this to your account please submit for a Google AdWords Account Review today!

    Yahoo Search Marketing Promo Code
    Alternatively, you can also sign-up for £50 worth of free clicks with the following Yahoo! Search Marketing promo code: removed as now expired.


    17 Responses to “Yahoo Search Marketing & Google AdWords Promotional Code”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Can u give me the promo code pls? email me@ affriddle@yahoo.co.in

    2. Kev says:

      Sorry but I can only provide apply promotional credits to accounts which I manage through my AdWords client centre.

    3. Neo says:

      I am searching for a promotional code too. So far, haven’t found any :)

    4. xponse says:

      do you stiil have Promotional Code, I am looking for that

    5. Anonymous says:

      I am currently working with Google Adwords and Adsense and the promotional code are great although they are not that much!
      My site is dedicated to giving the public everything that other sites charge people for. I researched these sites and am members of most of these. check it out if you’re interested in learning how everybody makes $1000 a day!

    6. Anonymous says:

      And where is this misterious AdWords client centre in which you promise to finally give what you published you are willing to give – the promotional code?

    7. web design says:

      I think only hosting companies are giving these codes out with new accounts. Usually it’s like $50 or something like that.

    8. Izdelava spletnih strani says:

      I am searching for a promotional code too. Can anyone send me one? I’d be really glad :)

    9. stuart says:


      i had a promo code set up my account and my website was listed in 24 hours. http://www.southportdirectory.com but as soon as the promo money ran out my weburl diapered from goggles search listings and money has vanished out of my account saying Google took it and they wont answer me. well i get an automated response or some copy and past response that doesn’t answer anything. and its not a small amount of money they took.

    10. stu says:


      i had a similar problem with google just taking money from my account when my adds were paused. they wouldnt answer me too. so in the end had to cancell that debit card and get a new one to stop them taking money. bank said becouse you willing gave them your account details we can not put it to the disputes team sorry. so i lost a fair few quid. http://www.webreger.com

    11. I got a promo code from a forum but redeeming is not working. How can I redeem the coupon?

    12. MD says:


      That sucks, didn’t realose google opperated like that…..

    13. Rachel says:

      I have a code for new accounts that gives you £30 off:


      Expires: 30/04/08

    14. william says:

      I am not sure if I can get a code or if I can even use one, but I never got one when I signed up for adwords back on 2/18/08. Can I get one and will I be able to use it? Thank You

    15. mike says:

      302254967105 is not working
      gives This promotional code has already been redeemed.

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    17. lj says:

      I am spending a fortune on google adwords, can anybody helpm me with a promo code? thanks so much

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