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  • Google Adwords Qualified Professional logo’s stop verifying

    I noticed earlier this week that when clicking on a Google AdWords Qualified Professional logo (such as mine on the right) this forwarded to the AdWords login page rather than displaying the verification message.

    If you’re already logged into AdWords the link forwards automatically to the your AdWords account and if your not logged in the login page is displayed instead. Search Engine War also picked up on this, suggesting a cynical view that it may be “a devious ploy in order to channel advertisers direct to Google Adwords and away from agencies.” Although it’s more likely that “it’s a technical glitch and they’ll fix it shortly”.

    While testing this I found that occasionally the verification page worked, but the majority of the time the AdWords login was displayed instead. I would expect this will be fixed within the next few days as it’s very unlikely that Google would intentionally block users from verifying if someone is a Google AdWords Qualified Professional.


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