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  • Google AdWords Quality Score Doesn't Always Make Sense

    I’ve just started running a Google AdWords campaign again for SEOptimise and noticed that there are some inactive keywords. What I found surprising is that one of these keywords is the exact match of UK SEO services, a term which has a poor quality score despite being used within the ad title and also ranking at #18 organically on Google.com with UK SEO services at #4.

    Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be enough for Google though, perhaps this is a result of the new top ad placement formula as some people have spotted “keywords that have a very high max CPC”.

    I’ve rearranged the homepage title tag slightly to use “SEO Services UK” rather than the previous version which separated these keywords, hopefully this will be enough to pass the landing page quality score check and get this upto at least an OK quality score instead!


    2 Responses to “Google AdWords Quality Score Doesn't Always Make Sense”

    1. Greg says:

      I hope you will post updates of this interesting test case. Will Quality Score improve gradually as people click and a history is established? Will AW bot eventually scan your destination URL and suddenly your QS will improve?

    2. Search Engine Marketing Specialist says:

      yah I agree. Please share what happened after you make the changes.

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