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  • Google AdWords regionalised ad text experiment

    During January I tested some different ad text variations to find the difference in CTR, conversion rates and CPC’s for each ad. The AdGroup focused on a range of SEO keywords, geo-targeted to the UK and an SEO enquiry would be classed as a conversion. This campaign bids upon the content network and broad match traffic, using a lower maximum bid, which is the main reason why the CTR’s are quite low.

    The first ad used a general title “Search Engine Marketing”:

    61 Clicks | 0.06% CTR | £0.48 CPC | Conv Rate 8.2% | Cost/Conv £5.96

    A second ad used the same ad text but with a title more targeted to SEO. While this ad had a large increase in CTR, the cost per click and per conversion was also higher:

    11 Clicks | 0.21% CTR | £0.60 | Conv Rate 9.1% | Cost/Conv £6.66

    Improving on this was a third ad, targeted more to the UK using “SEO Services UK” as the title.

    31 Clicks | 0.43% CTR | £0.62 CPC | Conv Rate 16.1% | Cost/Conv £3.80

    I expected to see an increase in CTR when targeting the UK more specifically but adding UK to the SEO Services title increased the CTR by 100% which is much larger than I would have originally anticipated.

    Over the last week I have also began a new test, now running just the SEO Services UK ad, which is being rotated with the ad below. The only difference with this is the display URL, the new ad uses seoptimise.co.uk (which redirects to .com) as I’m interested in seeing if UK users will be more likely to click upon a .co.uk ad rather than a .com address.

    9 Clicks | 0.43% CTR | £0.59 CPC | Conv Rate 11.1% | Cost/Conv £5.28

    So far the results have shown it’s unimportant, with an identical CTR but a lower converion rate, although the new ad only has 9 clicks so far. I will leave these running for a while longer as I am keen to see the results based upon a higher amount of clicks and impressions. In addition to this I’ve setup a similar campaign targeted to the Oxfordshire region but at the moment this hasn’t been receiving too many impressions but I hope this will improve over the next week.

    www.seoptimise.com has also began ranking in Google’s top 10 for SEO Services UK so I plan on tracking the difference between organic and paid traffic using Google Analytics and posting the results later in the month.


    5 Responses to “Google AdWords regionalised ad text experiment”

    1. JC says:

      Hi There,

      I’m a new subscriber to your blog feed – you appear to post some good stuff!

      When you mention “an seo enquiry” is that an email/online form completion ?

    2. Kev says:

      Thanks for subscribing! :)

      An SEO enquiry would be an online submission, such as the website analysis page or contact form.

    3. JC says:

      okay – cheers.


    4. Patrick Schaber says:

      Great post and interesting experiment! I’m planning a follow-up post to the one I ran yesterday and will include a link to this.

    5. Kev says:

      Hi Patrick, I’m keen on doing a few more posts like this in the future too, a link back would be great thanks!

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