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  • Tips & resources to help you pass the Individual Qualification (IQ) exam 
    The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is awarded on completion of a 90 minute open book exam. It is used to provide proof that you have a certain level of expertise in Google Analytics – a printable certificate is available to successful entrants. The exam: Is made up of 70 multiple choice questions (including “select […]
    Tracking Clicks on # Anchors in Google Analytics 
    A recent client acquisition lead to a good question in the office…. ‘Is it possible to track clicks on # Anchors in Google Analytics?’ The question arose due to the client’s website utilising a single page format with tabs anchor linking to sections further down the page. What are # Anchors? Many websites use ‘Named […]
    Moz Analytics: A Quick Review 
    At the end of May, Moz Analytics beta was rolled out to a gradually increasing number of Moz accounts. Its freshly designed package aimed to “give every marketer affordable software to measure and improve their efforts.” Moz Analytics may not be a full-service, top of the range analytics package, but it doesn’t pretend to be […]
    6 Google Analytics Filters I Couldn't Live Without! 
    I have been using Google Analytics for a long time now, and every week it continues to change and improve, which is great. During that time, I have constantly kept and updated a library of filters, advanced segments and dashboards that I can call upon when the time is right to allow me to do […]
    8 Great Tools to use with Google Analytics 
    We hear so much about great SEO tools that we should be using, but we rarely see much written about tools to help you with your Google Analytics data. Over the past year I have been using more and more tools to help with Google Analytics data, from API extraction to data visualisation, and I […]
    Remarketing Is Now Simpler 
    Google’s made some exciting announcements about remarketing. You can use one AdWords remarketing tag on all pages of your site, and then create as many remarketing audiences as you like from it. The audiences are then defined according to the URL of visited pages. You can (after “a small edit”) use a Google Analytics tag […]
    What is “?gclid=” & Why is The Analytics Cookie (Not Set)? 
    Recently we were a little stumped with gclid and the Google Analytics cookie that’s placed on user’s computers. We were asked: “I went to my website through an ad, and the Analytics cookie set on my computer says: utmgclid=StrangeGibberishHere456|utmccn=(not%20set)|utmcmd=(not%20set) )|utmctr=my%20search%20term – why are the medium and campaign not set?” So we did a little digging […]
    Connecting AdWords and Analytics 
    Why link AdWords and Analytics? Traffic from AdWords will be automatically tracked as such in Analytics. You can see information such as bounce rate and pages per visit for different campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search terms and so on. You’ll also be able to incorporate AdWords information, like clicks and impressions, into Analytics reports. Also, […]
    EU Cookie Directive: What, Why, Who, When and How? 
    Like it or not, the deadline for complying with the EU cookie directive is drawing very close. No matter how nonsensical this law seems, the sad reality is that it’s the law – and website owners have no choice but to comply. With the deadline for compliance now less than two months away, the aim […]
    Tracking Your QR Codes to Bring Offline Marketing Online 
    Over the past few years, QR Codes have become more mainstream and can be seen in most day-to-day activities. There are examples of some very good uses of QR Codes as well as some badly thought out QR Codes. QR Codes are great for getting offline marketing messages online quickly. Adding QR Codes to typical […]
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