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  • Google Groups suffers spam onslaught

    Over the last few weeks Google Groups has suffered what appears to be a large increase in the amount of spam it has to contend with.

    Each Google Group has a space to upload files but this facility seems to be being abused by spammers. Some pages redirect straight to Made For Adsense websites using Javascript hidden in the Google Groups page.

    You can see the scale of the exploit by the sheer weight of links to the freeringtones3 group over the last few weeks.

    This group don’t seem to be being indexed in Google as far as I can see but there are already reports of the spam groups showing up in search results for other queries.

    Google needs to fix this pretty soon, I’m getting sick of deleting spam posts on my forums already.


    One Response to “Google Groups suffers spam onslaught”

    1. will says:

      its being indexed heavily now. . . I’m seeing it on top 20 results of heavily contested keywords. . .

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