Google manual index boosts -

Google manual index boosts

Google manual index boosts


By Kevin Gibbons / October 26, 2006

Last week I posted a link to SEOmoz’s a little piece of the Google algorithm post. After reading some of the comments I found an interesting discussion about manual index boosts and penalties.

While it’s very unlikely that Google will reveal whether they do give manual boosts to some websites, it does seem to make sense that Google may boost a websites ranking if they find it highly relevant to a particular search, as highlighted by EGOL’s comment; “If I owned Google, you know that we would be doing hand edits in the most important SERPs if the algo was not doing the job. MSN is totally crazy for not hand editing “certain SERP“. I don’t think that Google is stubborn enough to hold out from hand editing 100% of the time. If your pants are down, yank ‘em up.”

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