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  • Google Ministry of Truth to ban Jason Calacanis for spreading false information

    Along with the “no future” fable in recent days we have seen another talk of the town or rather the global village: Spreading false information as SEO tactic of link baiting. Now I’m really glad! Finally Google will ban Jason Calacanis for spreading false information about SEO (“SEO is bullshit”) and his web directory Mahalo. Now let me explain the situation.

    Matt Cutts in a discussion made clear that using such methods is fraudulent and can lead to a penalty by Google. Why did he say that in the first place? A hugely popular made up link bait article was disclosed as a hoax by the author of it, Lyndon Antcliff of Cornwall SEO. It was too late for Fox News and other news outlets on the British Aisles though, they reported the story as true without checking the facts or sources.

    The implications of spreading hoaxes via the press is not my main focus here. It’s really a sign of low quality of major news outlets. That said let’s take a look at the Jason Calacanis case which is very similar to the undisclosed satire piece at Money.co.uk: He repeatedly stated that “SEO is bullshit”. Also he used at least one other version of this statement by saying “affiliate marketing is bullshit”. His “argument” was debunked dozens of times already so I won’t add another one of these SEO primers. I want to stress the undisclosed satire aspect of this infamous link bait.

    Mr. Calacanis also is the man behind Mahalo. What is Mahalo according to it’s own definition?

    “What is Mahalo? Mahalo is the world’s first human-powered search engine”

    When you take a closer look at the “engine” you quickly realize that it’s a not a revolutionary Web 3.0 concept it’s sold as but basically a web directory like any web directory we know since the early nineties. There are no robots or spiders and the algorithm seems to be rather a simple CMS that allows to publish a few thousands of pages.

    Now is Mahalo a human-powered search engine? No, it’s not, it’s clearly a static website provided by editors (aka guides) and augmented with some user input. I’m sure the new, yet to be established Ministry of Truth, led by Mr. Cutts, truth expert of Google will quickly find out about that and ban Mahalo.

    Also it is obvious that SEO is no “bullshit”. I even did some research on agriculture in this context. Livestock breeding experts agree that bullshit at least stinks. Now as SEO is purely virtual and limited to the Internet it can’t stink, so it can’t be bullshit either. Unfortunately this link bait tactic based on this false information has already spread and other people are using it. Now as Matt Cutts truthfully has spoken out about this problem I’m sure they all get banned. I’m glad. Please Google, ban them all. We really need a Ministry of Truth.

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    7 Responses to “Google Ministry of Truth to ban Jason Calacanis for spreading false information”

    1. Is this post a joke? I dont see where Google plans on banning Jason posts.

    2. Tad’s point was now that Google is cracking down on “lying” on the web, Jason should be banned due to his creative marketing of Mahalo not being entirely accurate. Not that Google are planning a full-scale purge of Jason from the Internet – although that would be interesting to follow.


    3. Douglas Karr says:

      So the irony here is that this blog should be cracked down upon by Google because Google isn’t really planning on cracking down on Jason?

    4. Lenen says:

      I’ve read a lot of blogposts today, and everyone is writing negatively about Jason. I think a lot of people are jealous on Jason..

    5. Tad Chef says:

      Yeah, basically it’s a proof of concept. This post is both true and false. Would it be penalized for sounding funny and satirical? Do I have to disclose that it’s “not true”? When someone is lying on purpose like Calacanis, will he get penalized though?

    6. [...] Web. If you have attention you can even write crap and people will still hail you as the messiah, infamous fake link baiter Jason Calacanis does that all the time.For others, ethical bloggers like myself who do not offend people with [...]

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