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  • Google mobilises handset army

    Google is now the most popular website for Brits browsing the web with their mobile phones, a new report reveals.

    Research conducted by Opera shows Google has finally overtaken Yahoo! in terms of unique visitors.

    Another search website, MSN.com, makes the top ten most visited sites list for mobile users.

    This shows it does not matter whether the consumer is using their mobile or their PC, the preferred starting point for online experiences continues to be a search engine.

    However, I was a little surprised at first to see Yahoo! had previously outranked Google as the most-visited online property.

    Earlier this month, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising revealed the most popular website in the UK was Google, with three-quarters of users visiting it over the seven days to July 3rd.

    Of course, back in February, Opera announced Google was to be its default search engine for mobile web users, instead of Yahoo!, which accounts for the smaller engine’s previous supremacy.

    Furthermore, the company asserted that more than 35 million people use Opera Mini to browse the internet from their phones – and that was before the recent storm of iPhones flying off the shelves.

    We keep talking about the possibility of mobile internet becoming mainstream but seem to forget that millions of people already browsing the web on the go through their handsets.


    2 Responses to “Google mobilises handset army”

    1. Viooli says:

      Interesting stats. I never expected Yahoo to get that much traffic. Thanks for sharing.

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