Google outlines SEO benefits -

Google outlines SEO benefits

Google outlines SEO benefits


By Stuart Tofts / July 3, 2008

Google loves us after all. Or, at least, it cautiously approves of us.

The search engine publishes guidance for webmasters and, until recently, the only information it carried on SEO agencies was a warning about the terrible scams many use to try and trick a site into high rankings.

Such advice cannot have helped the SEO reputation in a world where those of us using best practice are often tarred with the same brush as those using nefarious and short-term tactics.

Black-hatters may sometimes achieve high results but will ultimately damage their client’s ranking (not that they care, they will have scarpered with the cash by then), and it is these firms many people think of when discussing SEO.

Anyway, Google has now admitted that ethical SEO has benefits.

A post on its Webmaster Central blog reveals the advice has been updated to note a list of the ways in which we can help. This includes content and structure development, technical advice and keyword research.

All right, it isn’t gushing, but it is certainly a start!

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