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  • Google SEO Starter Guide is Great News for Small Businesses

    The Google Webmaster Central blog yesterday posted about it’s new SEO Starter Guide, available for free PDF download.

    This is excellent news for small business owners, especially during a recession, as many companies will be looking to push their search rankings/traffic forward but without the budget for SEO consulting.

    “Our Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing. We felt that these areas (like improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, and more) would apply to webmasters of all experience levels and sites of all sizes and types. Throughout the guide, we also worked in many illustrations, pitfalls to avoid, and links to other resources that help expand our explanation of the topics. We plan on updating the guide at regular intervals with new optimization suggestions and to keep the technical advice current.”

    There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there if you’re looking to learn SEO yourself from forums so the guide is great to provide a common-sense approach to understanding on-site search engine optimisation. It’s also good news for the search industry that Google are providing information like this. By educating webmasters about SEO best practices this will hopefully clear-up any false impressions or concerns some may have about the industry as a whole.

    For more information there’s a write-up over on Search Engine Land.


    11 Responses to “Google SEO Starter Guide is Great News for Small Businesses”

    1. Great news indeed, however i fear that it will be more lucratively put to use as a way of shoe-horning cash out of clients as people flash the authorative guidelines in front of people and make claims about its implementation.

      Im trying to document it all in my blog http://www.markrushworth.com/template_permalink.asp?id=268

    2. Sean says:

      I think it’s a great free resource for small businesses and I think it wets the pallet for more advanced strategies. Its also a great hand off to internal IT and marketing teams to get the basics out of the way.

    3. Social Networking North says:

      Another step in the right direction(demystifying SEO)from Google.

    4. Matt Wutzke says:

      Google is playing with us!
      There was nothing amazing told in the google seo report.
      Its just another seo basics report which you can learn from each of the millions of blogs on SEO.

    5. That´s great news.With so much information available about SEO online, it´s nice to see what the real authority (Google) has to say about it.

    6. Google SEO Starter Guide is Great News for Small Businesses says:

      [...] Google SEO Starter Guide is Great News for Small Businesses Filed Under (Search Enging Optimization, eCommerce) by Kevin Gibbons Read more [...]

    7. Columb says:

      Ive just had a read and wish I had found this in November, it would have saved me alot of work. As you would expect from google its a good basic guide and will help anyone creating their first website.

    8. Matt Wutzke. says:

      It is nothing, but a mere eye wash. nobody is going to give you their trade secret.
      It can however be helpful to check if you are breaking any of the rules. I mean the book is Ok for a legitimate business, but to really excel in google, you hardly need to listen what google wants you to here.

    9. I really liked reading your post about this, and I saw a few others as well – very informative and useful information without a bunch of BS!

      I’ll be sure to give this URL to some friends

      Thanks Again

    10. Another step in the right direction(demystifying SEO)from Google.

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