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  • Google Trends indexing website URL's & ranking for brand queries

    Last week Google launched Google Trends for Websites, I haven’t experimented with this too much yet but it looks like a great tool to compare website traffic.

    Anyway, I’ve just done a quick search on SEOptimise and was surprised to see the Google Trends result appearing at #4:

    As far as I’m aware there are no inbound links pointing to this page (other than the nofollowed one I just created above) so I’m unsure why this has even been indexed let alone ranking well.

    Looking deeper and we’re not the only ones, websites such as Bruce Clay, Keyword Discovery and High Rankings have also been indexed along with 2,720 others, with Google Trends ranking well for searches such as bruceclay.com and highrankings.com.

    The authority and strength of the Google.com domain means they are likely to rank well for most of the brand names indexed, just ask Rob Kerry! So it will be interesting to hear if this is a mistake by Google or if they actually intended on indexing the website URL’s, not sure if they need the extra traffic though! ;)

    Update: David Eaves also noticed the same thing happening, with a few more examples on his blog.


    3 Responses to “Google Trends indexing website URL's & ranking for brand queries”

    1. G.Suvorov says:

      We already wrote some parameters to use it in SeoQuake (FireFox seo plugin), so you can see all Gtrends data just in SERP or visiting site. (looks like alexa toolbar). You can get it here http://addons.seoquake.com/params/index.php?sln=en&browse=2&tag=google&res_lim=10

    2. BlogPing says:

      Hey yo, I’m really happy for ya and am gonna let you finish but you didn’t mention PingNinja, a new blog ping utility thats one of the fastest ways to get indexed by Google (for free)?

    3. Nathaniel Andrews says:

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