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  • Google UK Site Command Search Broken

    I’ve just done a site search for seoptimise.com on Google.co.uk, with “Pages from the UK” applied, and this has not listed any indexed pages. I’ve checked and all other websites are doing exactly the same thing, as shown by this screenshot of a site command search for google.com:

    Google had a problem last year with .com homepage’s disappearing on Google UK but this time it’s every site: command search for all domain suffixes, seems very weird.

    If you add a keyword to the site: search it does work though:


    4 Responses to “Google UK Site Command Search Broken”

    1. Pete says:

      I’ve been seeing the same thing recently. Cutts blogged about a porblem with .com / UK using the site operator a while ago


      Me thinks it’s a related problem

    2. Matt Cutts says:

      Hey, I went to report this to people and someone else had already reported it. So folks at Google know about this; thanks for mentioning it!

    3. Kev says:

      Thanks for the update Matt.

    4. Rose DesRochers says:

      Hi Kev, I’m from Google groups and I’m just testing your comments. Let me know if you can see this.

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