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  • Google Universal Search Confuses SEO Inc with SEOmoz!

    Or at least it confused me anyway, while searching for SEO on Google today I noticed the following Google News universal search result listed:

    Having a quick glance at the image and headline I assumed the story was about SEO Inc, but clicking on the headline shows that the story CEO Puts fresh face on SEO article, from the Seattle Times, which is in fact about SEOmoz instead!

    What is happening is that there are actually two news stories, the image linked to an article about SEO Inc on Earthtimes.org, with the headline pointing to the Seattle Times story.

    I’m sure a lot of people have just assumed there is only one story displayed rather than two. Has anyone else found this confusing?


    2 Responses to “Google Universal Search Confuses SEO Inc with SEOmoz!”

    1. Patrick Altoft says:

      Google News sometimes comes up with the strangest images t accompany a post.

    2. Tim Wintle says:

      I’ve definitely noticed it – Google news isn’t good at understanding the difference between two stories on a related topic if they happen at a similar time.

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