How are Google Promoting Google Chrome? -

How are Google Promoting Google Chrome?

How are Google Promoting Google Chrome?


By Kevin Gibbons / September 3, 2008

I expect by now most people have heard about Google’s launch of its new web browser Google Chrome yesterday. Rather than talk about Google Chrome itself (as it has been very well covered already), I’ve taken a look at how Google are promoting this to encourage users to download and try out the new browser. &
Both and have download messages on their homepages.

Google AdWords keyword bidding
Google Chrome is the top sponsored link listing for queries on both “Browser” and “Web browser”.

Google Organic SERPs is currently ranking at #70 for “Web Browser”, although this is currently outside the top 100 for “browser”. Both searches feature several articles about yesterday’s launch and interestingly Internet Explorer does not rank in the top 100 for either term!

Promotion Google Content
Google already has a large amount of content indexed which is relevant to or mentions Google Chrome: google chrome = 99,200 Results google chrome = 299 Results download “google chrome” = 882 Results

Google Universal Search
Several Google Chrome news articles are also appearing as a universal search result for relevant queries, such as browser, web browser, Google and Google Chrome. With just the 2349 related articles so far, told you it was well covered!

Google News
Not promoted directly, but the launch of Google Chrome is currently a story featured on the homepage of Google News.

Google Video
Again, this is indirectly promoted but a Google Chrome video (from YouTube, top-right) is currently active on the homepage of Google Video.

Have you seen this promoted anywhere else? I would assume this is something Google have big plans to continue pushing, looking to obtain additional users from services such as GMail, Google Documents, Google AdWords/AdSense/Analytics etc.

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