How to Build Links to Major Ecommerce Sites -

How to Build Links to Major Ecommerce Sites

How to Build Links to Major Ecommerce Sites


By Patrick Altoft / December 19, 2007

Sometimes it is easy to be drawn headlong into the linkbaiting, blogging and social media school of thought with little regard to the read world. In fact, most websites don’t have blogs and have a user base blissfully unaware of social news websites and bookmarking services.

Today I will address linkbuilding from the point of view of a large UK brand and will use Kitbag as an example. Kitbag has a lot of content and products as well as nearly half a million incoming links but it’s always good to get a few more.

First of all the site needs to be linkable. I would move to include sports news, videos and images on there so that people have topical, fresh and non commercial content to link to. In addition maybe a social network based around peoples favourite teams would be good, kind of like Myspace for local football teams.

The key aspect about building links to ecommerce sites is that the site needs to have some non commercial content to attract the links. Very few people will link to product pages but they will link to review pages if they have useful content.

Another way to attract links it by having great design and making the site easy to link to. Short urls and an easy to navigate structure work wonders for improving the number of natural links to a website.

One of the reasons Kitbag has so many links is that they provide white label and affiliate stores to some major websites, each with a link back to This can be a great way to build your brand and increase the number of links you have.

I will take a look at a major UK site each week with more linkbuilding tips.

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