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  • How to Create Compelling PPC Ad Copy?

    The Yahoo! Search Marketing blog has posted some useful tips about creating ad copy that clicks.

    This focuses on the main points of knowing your company’s USPs (unique selling propositions), taking a look at competitors’ ads, creating compelling ad copy around USPs and split testing ads.

    Take a look at competitors’ ads
    In many cases, search ads are unappealing. Try something catchier or use a different tone. A little creativity will never hurt any Sponsored Search account! In one account, I changed ad copy from this:

    Flasks & Bar Accessories
    Get unique bar sets, wine openers and more. Great for gifts. Order now.

    To this:

    Wonderful Wine Openers and Accessories
    Entertain with sleek steel or soft wood for a Zen effect. Order today.

    The second ad helped dramatically increase sales for two reasons. First, it was specific to wine openers. It didn’t try to sell a bunch of products (like the first version). The second reason was because the ad’s tone was appropriate to the audience it was targeting. When writing ad copy, keep in mind the type of product you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. If it’s a fun product like children’s toys, use an upbeat, cheery tone. If it’s a serious product like an enterprise software solution, use an appropriate business tone.

    Appealing ad copy will make even more sense as Yahoo! Search Marketing introduces its new ranking algorithm (sometime called “marketplace design”). After the first quarter of 2006, the company will factor in bids, click through ratio or CTR (how often your ad is clicked on compared to other ads), and other factors to determine ad positioning. This could mean higher positioning and cheaper bid prices if your ad is more popular (clicked on more often) than your competitors’.”


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    1. PPC Keyword Tool says:

      I’d have to agree, good PPC ad copy is so freakin vital it’s not funny. Amazing that its overlooked by so many – its no good just slapping together any old ad copy…

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