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    During the last few weeks I have been using local search engine optimisation for the SEOptimise website to target a range of Oxfordshire/UK search terms which I had previously been bidding on using Google AdWords. This has helped to cut down on PPC costs by combining local keywords between AdWords and organic search.

    Specific local keywords generally convert into leads very well and by targeting a wide range of keywords, such as Search engine promotion Oxford, users who click through to the site will have a high likelihood of submitting an enquiry to request further information.

    Here are the 3 major steps taken to replace AdWords keywords with natural search results:

    1) Selecting regional keywords
    I used information from my AdWords campaign targeted at the Oxfordshire region and selected a range of popular regional search terms using keyword research tools. The competitiveness of the keywords I chose was not massively high and so a newly created webpage has managed to achieved a number of top 10 Google rankings very quickly for terms such as SEO Oxford and Search Engine Optimisation in Oxfordshire.

    2) Targeting less relevant local terms
    Following successful results for Oxford SEO keywords I decided to target Oxford web site design search terms to see if I could increase the amount of local traffic for a wider range of searches. I didn’t expect to achieve great results for these keywords for two reasons, firstly web design is a far more competitive market in Oxfordshire than SEO and secondly I don’t actually offer web design, the rest of the site has nothing to do with web design and I have no incoming links related to web design!

    Despite this some top 10 rankings have still been achieved, for example Oxford website design, the conversion rate would be far lower for these keywords as whoever clicks on the listing will probably not find what they are looking for, but it helps the traffic stats if nothing else! :)

    3) Using country specific phrases
    While it’s nice to achieve some regional high rankings the popularity of those particular searches are very low. In order to target some keywords which can attract a higher amount of users to the site I decided to target keywords focused on SEO in the UK. The competitiveness of these keywords is far greater and I decided to use more powerful webpages, such as the homepage, to target these terms. Again I had an AdWords campaign targeted to the geographical region of the UK and this provided useful information to help select which keywords to target.

    This time I had to be more realistic in selecting keywords where high rankings could be achieved quickly and by focusing on keywords like UK SEO services, SEO company UK and UK search engine optimisation services this should hopefully have the potential to improve rankings for broader keyword searches such as “SEO UK” and “Search Engine Optimisation” in the future.

    Results so far…
    While I hope the results achieved so far will continue to improve, top 10 rankings have been achieved for a number of Oxfordshire and UK related search terms, at the moment these are sending an average of 60-75 clicks a week. This may not be awesome stats but by using following these local search engine optimisation tips it’s saved an average CPC of $1.00 using AdWords, freeing up a large part of my PPC budget to focus on more specific keywords where search rankings haven’t been achieved.


    4 Responses to “Local search engine optimisation tips”

    1. JC says:

      well I fell for post title !

    2. Gronk says:

      me to. the article really has nothing to do with adwords but it was very informative. thanks for that!

    3. Kev says:

      Yeah I agree, the title sounded good before I wrote the full post but it ended up a bit misleading so I’ve just changed it to “Local search engine optimisation tips” instead.

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