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  • How to get traffic from the New York Times

    A number of blog aggregators exist including the popular Techmeme but none have the ability to get your content showcased on multiple pages of the New York Times website like BlogRunner does.

    Just like all the most exclusive clubs bloggers can’t apply to join BlogRunner, the FAQ’s state that 12,000 blogs are already included and that New York Times editors can add their own picks to this list.

    Sources are selected by a process that takes into account their influence on the web. This process is also automated: new sources, whether blogs or media sources, are added as they appear on the web and are linked to or cited by other publishers..

    In general, Blogrunner strives to include all sources that are frequently cited on the web.

    Webmasters wanting to be included should try to offer original articles that are cited by high profile blogs that are already a source for BlogRunner content, hopefully an editor will decide your story is interesting enough for inclusion on the New York Times.

    Some of my content was showcased yesterday and attracted over 300 unique visitors. Not a huge amount but more than most blogs will send.


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    2. Mike says:

      i too looking for the traffic from the sources like CNN and New York Times websites. Thanks for the valuable infomation and i m implementing these thoughts in to Practical. Hope ‘ll get valuable traffic from these websites.

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