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  • How to improve Google AdWords quality score?

    Green_Grass from WebmasterWorld has wrote about his experience of how to improve the Google AdWords quality score following large minimum bid increases during the first landing page algorithm update in June.

    “I finally made the following changes to my website.

    • Reduced AdSense blocks to one. ( I tried to reduce the perception that my site was an MFA).
    • Added a short privacy policy.
    • Added comprehensive contact details.
    • Added outgoing links (not many — 5-6, to authority sites) providing surfers access to more information.”

    I’m currently trying to address the same issue for a client after the latest landing page quality score update. These are some of the on-page factors I will be looking to improve, as well as also improving other factors such as using more related keywords on the destination page, adding an about us page and improving navigation.

    For websites promoting affiliate links rather than contextual advertsing, ShoeMoney shows how you can redirect the affiliate links and block access for them to be followed in the robots.txt file.


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