How you can get over 79 Twitter followers in under 23 minutes - and why not to bother! |

How you can get over 79 Twitter followers in under 23 minutes - and why not to bother!

By Pak Hou Cheung / December 15, 2011

Let’s get one thing straight first:  you will NOT be required to do the following in order to get free followers on Twitter using this method:

  1. Tweet interesting thoughts
  2. Post ground breaking news articles
  3. Be informative to your target market
  4. Interact with people
  5. Be selling a good/service to people in order to be followed

Over the past few years, as social media marketing has increased and become ever more popular, ludicrous businesses have popped up “selling” Twitter followers, with many brands also reporting the success of their social media campaigns simply from the number of increased followers.

Today’s post will not only show you how to get free followers, but also help you understand that having 100 followers as opposed to 100,000 makes no difference; it’s about quality not quantity (funnily enough, similar to SEO).

I will not be discussing the reasons as to why you would want more Twitter followers etc; a quick Google search will bring up a plethora of articles discussing it.

Learning Objectives

Before we begin I will outline a little structure to what this post will cover:

  1. Show you how to get free Twitter followers
  2. Prove to you that it is possible
  3. Help you understand why even if you/your brand gets, say 100,000 followers from doing this, it would be useless – especially from a business perspective.

How to get free followers? 

In order to start acquiring more Twitter followers you will need to log onto the following site: and register yourself.

What is Twiends?  Good question. Twiends helps people to develop their social network profile on Twitter.  The whole concept works on creating seeds in order to incentivise people to “follow you”.  So when you follow someone they give you a seed and vice versa; more information can be found about this here.

The whole concept is pretty straightforward – piggy-backing from one of the old tactics in Twitter that people used to use and still do, quoting “Team Follow Back/Follow Me, I Follow You.” Using the Twiends method is far quicker and more effective.

The Proof

This morning, to accompany the blog post, I thought I would actually show you guys that this is possible and to test how many I could acquire in under 25 minutes. Shown below is my dummy account “Pre Twiends” – please take note of the followers, following, time and date in the corner (I have no idea why this Twitter UI has not been updated yet either).

Within 10 minutes of setting up my account and gathering and distributing the seeds, I had already acquired 36+ followers. Note that my following figure has gone up dramatically, but that’s because of the way Twiends works, as shown below:

You will find that the featured users distribute the most seeds and the interesting Tweeps distribute fewer seeds, but sometimes you do get some who offer 8/9 seeds, so be on the lookout for those, as they do go quick!

Here is a top tip for you:  when you first log into Twiends, I would recommend that you go to your settings straight away and turn your seed distribution to “OFF”, so you will not be giving your initial free seeds away, and use a few minutes to better acquaint yourself with the layout and how the programme works.

I used some of the time in between to follow some more people and to unfollow some people, and before I knew it, as you can see, I had 100+ followers in under 25 minutes and 79 new followers!

Why doing this is useless for you or your brand

Even though it’s great to show that with this it is possible to get 100,000+ followers on Twitter, it is useless for two reasons – for a person and business.

Firstly it would be useless for you on Twitter to voice your opinions to a load of people that are just there for the vanity metric.

Secondly, for a business, if those numbers do not convert to sales/leads, that is useless too.

To put this into perspective, ask yourself a question:  as a person or brand on Twitter, would you rather have a 100,000 followers and 0.1% of those are genuine sales/replies, or would you rather have 10,000 followers and 70% of those followers lead to sales/replies?

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