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ICANN decision ups SEO importance

ICANN decision ups SEO importance


By Stuart Tofts / June 29, 2008

Relying on spreading a website’s address to consumers has never been a good way to market online.

Unless a firm is the lucky holder of a truly simple domain name (Hotels.com, Diet.co.uk and so on), it cannot hope to make enough consumers remember its address to keep it in work.

The majority of online business is directed through search engines. A buyer does not open a browser and try to remember the address of Inter Flora, they open Google or Yahoo! and search for “buy flowers online”.

However, ICANN’s latest decision to massively expand the number of top level domains available is going to make the battle for online audiences even harder.

As the number of variations increases and the complexity of web addresses grow, consumers will become even less likely to remember them, making the importance of decent SEO even more pronounced.

Furthermore, the ICANN move will create considerably more scope for cybersquatting and brand infringement, as unscrupulous people aim to cash in on a firm’s reputation by purchasing its name within a new top level domain.

There exist ways for brands to challenge such developments, but it is vital firms are in a strong ranking position in anticipation of such a threat. The last thing a brand needs is to be outranked in search results by the cybercrook hijacking its identity.

Secure high visibility for your domain now, use paid ads if necessary. Just make sure your corporate space is easily found before the internet expands even further.

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