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  • Is your website unique enough?

    David Eaves posted a comment yesterday pointing out how hard it is to build links to certain types of ecommerce and especially FSA regulated insurance sites.

    Building natural links to a blog is a piece of cake, but building natural links to an FSA governed insurance website or a corporate real estate site is near on impossible

    This statement is very true to a certain degree but there are ways to build links to every type of website, you just need to make the site unique. Who would have expected a cheese maker to produce one of the best pieces of viral marketing this year?

    Take the AA website for example. An organisation that has consistently provided useful tools on their website since it first launched. Today the AA has over 200,000 natural links and gains more every day. According to Hitwise the term “AA route planner” is one of the most popular non-branded search terms driving traffic to car insurance websites. This analysis even puts the AA route planner as the fourth most popular travel search term.

    Even if a site is 100% unwilling to host useful content you can still build links by creating a separate domain and adding the linkbait to that. In the cheese producer example above the separate domain has links to the main site integrated into the menu to maximise the traffic.

    Sometimes the success of an external piece of viral content can persuade even the most cautious of clients that a 301 to a sub folder is a good idea.

    The key aspect to remember is that creating good linkbait on a site doesn’t always have to be on a part of the site that everybody sees. Don’t be afraid to add a hidden sub folder to your insurance site and publish blog posts about iPhone insurance or something equally linkable.


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