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  • Journalists relying on blogs

    A few months ago, I flagged up a study released by Ofcom which expressed concern that useful public resources, like online news services, were being buried through an SEO “arms race”.

    Now, it is a closely held belief of mine that SEO work makes a website better for consumers as well as raising its profile. Pages become easier to navigate, information is presented more clearly and keyword-rich content – such as a blog – is added to the pages.

    The newly-published European Digital Journalism Study cements my opinion. It shows that in Europe, one-third of journalists admit using only blogs to source their stories. SEO is at least partly responsible for the deluge of corporate blogs the World Wide Web is awash with and these are helping reporters write more thoroughly and across more sectors.

    So blogs can help businesses gain press exposure as well as search engine visibility. Aside from sourcing news and keeping abreast of rumour, a journalist wanting sector-specific comment on an event is increasingly likely to contact the company with the most up-to-date, relevant and pertinent blog.

    Most internet marketing efforts achieve more than simple visibility or brand awareness. By participating in the online community, businesses appear more well-rounded, well-informed and well-intentioned. Many SEO efforts do more for a firm than its increase traffic.


    2 Responses to “Journalists relying on blogs”

    1. Brian says:

      Great article. As long as the journalists are triple checking the sources I say why not. Really nice layout by the way. – Brian http://www.enhanceseo.com

    2. Gerry says:

      The question is, do they realy checking or not?

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