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  • Large Jumps in Yahoo Site Explorer Figures

    It looks like there’s been an update to Yahoo Site Explorer links today, I’ve noticed a large increase in inbound links for a number of different sites.

    I first found that seoptimise.com had increased to 12,779 from around 10,000 which is great! :) But I’m not the only one, last week I noted down the total number of links for Digg, SEOmoz, Pronet Advertising and Tropical SEO and they have all received substantal increases too, maybe this is because they’re counting all the extra email links! :)

    Digg: 80,581,285 -> 96,274,838
    SEOmoz: 512,025 -> 700,970
    Pronet Advertising: 198,313 -> 225,616
    Tropical SEO: 13,803 -> 17,600

    I just noticed that for all link searches you can only view the first 1,000 inbound links, I don’t think I’ve ever checked that far down before though so not sure if there’s always been a limit to this.


    2 Responses to “Large Jumps in Yahoo Site Explorer Figures”

    1. David Eaves says:

      I noticed the jump to!

    2. Matthew C. Keegan says:

      Thanks for the head’s up. I haven’t checked by Explorer links in a few weeks time, so I’ll get on it now to see what changes have come my way.

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