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  • Linkbait for difficult websites

    One of the hardest things about natural linkbuilding is trying to build links to sites about escorts, viagra, loans and insurance. My favourite method is to think outside the box and try to set up clean versions of the site (or even seperate sites) so that people are happy to link to them.

    For example to rank an escorts site highly you would create a site about Ford Escorts and become part of the car community exchanging links and writing useful articles to attract natural links. After a year or two you can redirect traffic to your real site and take advantage of the anchor text and links from trusted sites that your competitors can’t get.

    Another idea is to build links to your loans site – create a site about something similar to loans such as a personal blog from the made up person JohnSloan.com the anchor text you will get has the word loan in it and should help your rankings when you 301 it to your loans website.

    If you want to rank for an insurance term you start with a news site, write high quality news and once you get enough link equity 301 the site to a less news focused and more commercial domain name. Keep pushing out the news but make your front page more commercial.


    7 Responses to “Linkbait for difficult websites”

    1. right, but are these ethical strategies in the eyes of google?

    2. Bait and switch? Unrelated content? This smacks of SE spam.

      It’s no different than building landing pages for unrelated search
      terms just to get traffic (whether it’s relevant to the actual site
      or not) or keyword stuffing.

      Just my two cents…

    3. I thinking the same too., if those act were ethical.,? I was confused about it.,

    4. Raman Shukla says:

      The above mentioned strategies are useful but taking the right approach from the starting gives the best result.
      It may take time but it clears the goal in the mind of visitors.

    5. Adam Snider says:

      While I agree that those can be effective strategies, especially the first one, I don’t think they’re particularly ethical. Bait and switch methods like this smack of search engine spam, and I’d be very hesitant to employ them.

    6. Angie says:


      I am learning all about SEO.
      Any hints and tips is welcome!!!
      Its exciting stuff!

    7. seo-selotion says:

      So as follows it is an ethical act then.,

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