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  • Making best use of blog networks

    There are hundreds of people on forums such as Digital Point giving you the opportunity to have a blog post published across 100 different blogs.

    This tactic is clearly not going to be something Google agrees with so if you want to use it then make sure you follow some simple rules.

    The first is to make sure you don’t link to your site using obviously unnatural anchor text. Rather than saying “Visit SEOptimise for SEO” you should say something like:

    “I was reading an interesting post about xxxxxxxxx on the SEOptimise SEO blog last week and it raised some great points. However I disagree with xxxxxx”

    The key is to make the post appear 100% natural and, most importantly, something that you haven’t written.


    3 Responses to “Making best use of blog networks”

    1. Yeah i agree with you on this one Patrick. Its the same as buying text links in a way. Text links that appear within a pages body text carry a lot more weight than a text link at the footer of the website with a bunch of other links.

    2. fatalti says:

      I must agree to that one., if you make it appear naturally those links were not really hot to your reader’s eyes.

    3. seo pixy says:

      Thanks for this advice, I completely agree with you too:) If you use something like “Visit …” it is nothing but spam and no one will pay attention.

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